Puppies are always welcome to join our Pack! We love grooming puppies and look forward to building a lifelong relationship with your pet. Starting your dog off on the right paw will set your puppy up for success on the grooming table. We encourage you to book your puppy a Bath and Brush service for their first appointment and there really is no reason to wait until the puppy is months old; so long as the puppy has had its shots, we can groom them. First timers should expect a bit of table training to trim around the eyes and then a fun and cheerful introduction to bath and blow dry. We show the puppy all of the tools, sounds and vibrations and prepare them for full haircuts. Some puppies are able to do the entire haircut after the bath and blow dry, and others are overwhelmed and we finish the service. We give homework to almost every puppy parent: targeted tasks to help better prepare your dog for some of the holds and techniques associated with grooming. We even will give you a proper tool and technique demonstration to help you care for your puppy’s coat. By getting your puppy in early and often you help them associate grooming with a positive experience that is part of their daily or weekly routine.